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Energy Healer

Unnati Singha

Thank you very much. You have walked into my life as an angel. Since I have started your course, like angel therapy, tarot card, switch words, past life regression, mindful meditations, crystal ball reading, the viewing on life have changed. Your teaching technique is simple and easy to follow and learn from. After all the learning, I have observed significant changes in my life like inner peace, increased patience and strength. You have taken care of each and every student individually and provided them guidance and support for which I appreciate you very much. God bless you

Senior Advocate

Rupali Waikar

Dear Mam, what I can write about you. You are like an angel for me who came in my life and take me on the smooth road of life. you gave me moral support; you gave me strength. In fact, you showed me my strength... I feel blessed when I talk to you 🙏 love you mam.

General Practitioner

Dr. Shubhangi Amre

I have attended the most of Jaya madam’s training programs. All are beneficial to me. Angel therapy, NLP, PLR, Akashic Record, mindfulness meditation, Pendulum prediction gave maximum benefit to me. I feel Angels are always around me. Before invocation they are present there My 3rd eye is activated. I can get clear and perfect information in Akashic Record. I can access many things from Astral World which I never expect. Pendulum prediction is so clear and perfect that I can see its movement on AJANA Chakra before watching actual movement of Pendulum. Speed of manifestation of desire is a increased.

Corporate consultant

Shantram Ramdurgkar

I am Shantaram Ramdurgkar 77 yrs young., MBA from Bajaj institute Mumbai Worked at Senior Corporate level in Private Sector in BHUTAN.Travelled extensively within and outside India, during 30 yrs. of working. So, I thought there is nothing more to learn or achieve now. I was wrong, few years ago one day I read about Angel therapy in newspaper & attended introductory lecture and did angel therapy course conducted by Jaya madam.

Former research scientist & holistic healer

Supriya Kanade

Well, I am blessed to have Jaya mam as my teacher mentor guide in all aspect’s teachings and learning She is an excellent mentor and guides to the minutest part of the topic whether it is mindfulness, spirituality, Angels, meditation, Akashic Records, past life regression, Numerology with hacks very innovative, dowsing with pendulum, Tarot cards. She has gone to the core and base studied it and in a simple way explained it to us and we all r benefitted from all the above I personally am using all techniques taught as with Angels, dowsing, Tarot Cards, Numerology and has helped plenty of people

Handicraft Artist and Business Owner

Latika Doangaonker

I am very happy to express my feelings on the training provided by Ms Jaya Gophane over the past five years. I am impressed with her simple style of teaching, illustrated with examples. Her style enables even an ordinary person to understand the topics she teaches. She has been able to establish a very good rapport with the participants of her training programmes because of her friendly behaviour. It is not just during the courses that she maintains communication with the participants, Ms Gophane also maintains contact over phone even when she is not conducting any programmes.

Entrepreneur (Manufacturer & Supplier of Solar Systems)

Dnyaneshwar Derange

For the last 5 to 6 years, I have been in touch with Jaya tai. I did most of tai's courses, trainings. Her characteristics are the in-depth study of everything, designing it in language that anyone can understand, and the knack of explaining it. Her comprehension is huge so you can get guidance on any topic. She has introduced us to broad spectrum subjects. Of course, most of these subjects have never been heard by us. She performs with intention to give and enlighten us. She gives every training without any fuss about her privileged background. That is why tai has played a big role in bringing about a change in the lives of many people.

Practising Healer – Dubai

Neha Joshi

She is our teacher, she is our friend, she is our Guide. she is our Angel mam. always thinking about our wellbeing, always coming up with something that would increase our knowledge and help us stay positive. In this world of fake gurus, she is a real Guru; always working relentlessly to expand our wisdom, giving us strength to fight all the adversities in our life. She has changed our attitudes towards life, made us look at the things in different perspective.

Crystal Designer & Space Healing Expert

Leena Gosavi

4. Jaya Ma'am is a terrific teacher. I have been her student for the past 7 odd years so I speak with personal experience when I say that she is very knowledgeable about the topic she teaches and always has new topics up her sleeve. She is extremely logical and uses that trait in her teaching. She teaches in a very scientific manner so the students find it much easier to grasp. She is extremely friendly and manages to keep a personal touch with all her students individually, bonding us all in a tight group. Whichever topic she may introduce, however difficult they may look at the outset of it, become so easy to understand through her methods of teaching. Since she is so consistent and genuine about the topics she teaches, it becomes a great experience for the students as we all have developed a liking towards every topic she teaches.

Senior Software Engineer, USA

Priyanka Walke

Jaya ma’am has an absolutely easy-going style to approach her lecture topics. Her lectures are concise, to the point yet extremely thorough to understand with a variety of examples to support the important aspects of the lecture. I have been experiencing great results with the daily diary writing, meditations and also the positive thinking and time management classes

Engineer turned Astrology Researcher

Mayaa Kotiwale

Writing a review for a mentor like Jaya ma'am in just 50-60 words is such a difficult task it's like expressing your views about a Dazzling Diamond in one line... If you are seeking to understand any subject scientifically, she is the right mentor💜 Take any subject right from Mindful Meditation to divinations like Crystal Therapy, Tarot cards or even Numerology, her every teaching would have a base of science & rationality so they do not belong to a category Blind faith sort of subjects. As her student I picked up a habit of understanding how human mind aka brain works which is helping profoundly me in my own profession as an astrology counsellor. And it makes whole lot of difference... I can never Thank ma'am enough for mentoring me so beautifully...I consider myself Blessed to be her student

Senior Consultant in Metallurgical Processes

Vaibhav Chiplunkar

1. Jaya madam is a great trainer, to say the least. She has abundant knowledge of many branches of the topic of human development. Now, there are many trainers who have command over all these techniques, but Jaya madam teaches with total dedication & compassion. She literally puts herself in the shoes of her student, so her teachings make a lasting impact. Another good quality of her is that the charges of her training courses are very very reasonable, without compromise on quality & content of the course. Last but not the least, Jaya madam also does effective counselling to individuals. While doing so, she gives examples from her own life, similar to the person's problems, and explains how was her thought process to come out of the crisis, so it is driven home effectively.

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