Jaya gophane

Jaya is on a Mission!

Mission to create such a training and coaching environment where clients will let go all limiting beliefs and will seek their maximum potential to uplift their life mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In over 600 workshops, she has helped her clients in improving their careers, relationships, spiritual experiences, and finding meaning in day-to-day lives. Jaya has aided thousands of people in defining their goals, identifying roadblocks, and developing strategies for overcoming each obstacle.

She has developed these strategies by focusing on their unique abilities and gifts. By assisting them in maximizing their strengths, she provides the necessary support for long-lasting change. You can seek guidance if you are navigating a significant life change, such as making a new life and career choice. However, many people sought Jaya's services simply make their life happier, more meaningful.

Jaya gophane

Who Might Be Interested in Working with Jaya?

Numerous indicators suggest that working with a Jaya may be beneficial for you. Among these indicators are the following:

  • Persistent financial, health, or relationship problems
  • A sense of being stuck in your career, life, or relationship
  • Excessive stress and anxiety in your life
  • Inability to overcome negative habits
  • Dissatisfaction with your personal or social life
  • Persistent dissatisfaction with one's job
  • A sense of creative blocks and an overall lack of growth
Jaya gophane

What Can Jaya Do for You

One of the primary benefits of attending Jaya's courses is the opportunity to develop a new, informed perspective on current issues.

  • Improved work-life balance
  • Elimination of long-held anxieties and fears
  • Spiritual solutions to their long-term problems
  • Healing of self-sabotaging beliefs and toxic emotions
  • Increased financial stability
  • Increased communication abilities
  • Improved family relationship

What are our services and programs

Mindfulness Training and Coaching Programs

Mindfulness practices are the keys to achieving self-awareness, focus, concentration, emotional self-control, mental clarity, and transformation.

Transformation Training and Coaching Programs

Rather than altering your behaviour, as with transformational training events, we work on altering your perception of yourself.

Spiritual Training and Coaching Programs

This form of training and coaching assists you in discovering and embracing your true self by tuning into your spiritual journey.

An Abundance Mindset Training and Coaching Programs

These programs will teach you how to create a life filled with joy and abundance, how to eliminate limiting beliefs and patterns.

Conscious Creation Training & Coaching Programs

Conscious creation is the deliberate act of attempting to create the life you desire. It does, however, go deeper than simply changing your life.

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